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First of all, I've encountered two definitions of it.
  1. For any given male character, there is a female version of that character.
  2. For any given character, there is an opposite gender version of that character.

In this article I'll stick with the first one.

For both cases, there are 2 exceptions:
  • The character is androgynous. (What about agender ones? )
  • Genderbending hasn't been applied... yet.

Now for the problems. (The list is unordered on purpose.)

  •  "Just put a bow on it"
Female versions receive stereotypically "feminine" stuff as distinctive features. Starting from appearance, ending with character traits.
How else are we supposed to tell they are female? :sarcasm:
That goes well with "male by default" stereotype.
  • Female means derivative
At first glance, opposes the previous one. But, trust me, they can coexist.
Female version is not much different from male one. But it still feels repetitive and derivative.
Problem is, the female version has no individuality. (As for the previous one, so-called individuality is nothing but gender stereotypes.)
  • Obligatory fanservice
Female version is "hawt", clothes are more revealing, the body type includes big T&A. Not even ugly female characters can be ugly.
  • Pairing Sues
The name says it all. Rule 63 and Pairing Sue-ing go well together.
Pairing Sue has "a lot in common" with her love interest, she is "perfect for him" and is nothing on her own.

I don't mind female counterparts (especially if it involves "bringing more taco to a sausage party"). But Rule 63 is such a disservice to female characters in general.


Lucy Wellington

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